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Credit Sense

Credit Sense FAQs

Through Credit Sense we are granted read only access to your recent transaction history from your internet banking.

Q. Do I need my bank statements to use Credit Sense?

A. No. You will download your bank statement transactions as part of the process.

Q. How do you access my bank statement transactions?

A. We access your bank statement transactions through internet banking.

Q. How do I know that my internet banking will remain secure?

A. We do not keep your internet banking credentials. Your credentials are encrypted when you enter them, passed to your bank to gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted.

Q. What else can I do to protect my bank accounts from third party access?

A. There is no need to worry, your credentials are encrypted as you enter them and permanently deleted once your transaction history has been obtained. If you are still concerned you could simply change your internet banking credentials after using our service.

Q. What other information do I need to use Credit Sense?

A. None, you only need your internet banking credentials to use Credit Sense.

Q. Can I get a copy of the Credit Sense report?

A. Yes, of course! If we can accurately identify you, a copy of the Credit Sense report is yours.

Q. Can Credit Sense give me an update on the progress of my loan?

A. Credit Sense only provides your bank statements to us, they do not assess your loan application. If you need an update on the progress of your loan, you will need to speak to us.